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The FUSION Foundation Advisors

”No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." -- John Donne.

We all need advice for time to time and we value the experience, wisdom and integrity of those who have traveled the road before us!

Marsia Geldert Murphey

Marsia Geldert MurpheyMarsia obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from South Dakota State University in 1992 and her Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla (Missouri University of Science and Technology) in 1997. She is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Illinois, Missouri and Indiana and has a National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying record. Her 20 years of professional experience spans the public and private sectors. She directed the Geotechnical and Environmental programs for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Collinsville office prior to joining a Midwestern consulting engineering firm, where she managed all transportation related engineering efforts. In 2006, she joined forces with another female engineer to form their own company after 6 successful years in business she sold her shares to focus on outreach, speaking and writing. In 2013 she founded Sequoia Engineering & Environmental, Inc., located in downtown St. Louis. 


Greg Peterson, UrbanFarm

Greg PetersonGreg Peterson is a green living and sustainability innovator who is well-known regionally. He has appeared extensively on local television and radio and is a frequent guest columnist for publications. His mission is inspire people to embrace their own greenness, which he does daily by living what he speaks. He received his master's degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) in December 2006 from Arizona State University. His academic training has been augmented by 34 years of real world self-study, ownership of multiple businesses and a rich background in entrepreneurship, computer training, software development and management.


Bear (Earl J.) Denny - Spirit Counsel, Peace Walker Society | Sangha


Earl brings with him extensive experience working with different ethnic groups and doing public speaking to all types of groups. With him comes knowledge of his native culture taught to him by his grandfather, uncles and many elders of his tribe. He has knowledge in native pipe making and story telling, and many other native arts, as well as traditional values. Earl has spoken on his native culture before education and citizen groups and conducted public demonstrations of his craft.


Dr. Eileen Borris, Psychologist, Educator, Trainer, Lecturer

Eileen Borris

Dr. Eileen Borris is a licensed clinical psychologist, political psychologist and educator/trainer deeply involved in the healing of emotional wounds on a personal and political level. She maintains a private practice working with couples dealing with difficult issues and individuals grappling with physical illness, loss and grief. Dr. Borris is also the Director of Training and Program Development for the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy where she works in the area of international conflict resolution. Some of the places Dr. Borris has worked include Nepal, with the Tibetan government in Exile, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East. She has also worked for USAID and UNIFEM. Within these many diverse projects Dr. Borris teaches processes of forgiveness and reconciliation within the broader context of conflict resolution and international peacebuilding. She also sets up regional and national dialogue processes within a context of scenario building and reconciliation in countries with emerging democracies.


Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard 

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been a pioneer in positive options for the future of humanity for forty years. A public speaker, author, and social innovator, she is president and executive director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

She has been instrumental in the founding of many future-oriented organizations, including the World Future Society, New Dimensions Radio, Global Family, Women of Vision In Action, The Foundation for the Future, and the Association for Global New Thought.

A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, with a B.A. cum laude in Political Science, she studied at the Sorbonne and L’Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris. She was awarded the first Doctor of Conscious Evolution degree from Emerson Theological Institute.


Avon Mattison, Peacebuilder


Avon Mattison

Avon Mattison is a Peacebuilding and Organizational Consultant with over three decades' experience. She works with innovative leaders, groups and organizations committed to cooperatively building Cultures of Peace inter-generationally and inter-culturally for the children of this and future generations.

She is Founder of Pathways To Peace (PTP), an international peacebuilding, educational and consulting organization. PTP has Consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council and is an official Peace Messenger of the United Nations (UN). PTP is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, non-partisan organization.


Jean M. Tennyson

Jean Tennyson is President and CEO of Navigating Our Future (NOF). NOF is a trans-partisan social sector organization that provides the processes and framework to enable Americans working within their communities and nationwide to effectively resolve the complex social issues that affect their lives. To achieve this goal NOF brings diverse individuals together in an innovative process of education, dialogue, deliberation, and consensus building. This democratic process lays the foundation for effective collaboration and produces solution strategies leading to action supported by the majority.


Johndennis Govert

johndennis govert

At any day, month and year, life already has assembled our experiences into a whole fabric attuning and preparing each of us for some particular action or path at hand. What at one moment seemed like a jumble of unrelated threads and themes, later intersects and overlaps to create the perfect mix of knowledge, connections and experience to accomplish life's next phase. So it seems to me, but only when I look back over my shoulder. More of life’s opportunities and turns make sense in hindsight, while our visions and intents make sense in foresight.


Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals

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