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The FUSION Foundation lovers to throw great inspirational multi-cultural sensory experiences - PartyFUSION! This requires exceptional special talent. Conscious, mindful talent is the not so unique among the musical professionals of MusiciansFUSION. 

MusiciansFUSION is improving our world by living as a leading exemplars for co-creating Earth culture communities connected locally and across the globe through their healing sound and magical performances.

Thank you to all the inspired talented individuals we get to call friends and colleagues!

Jon Scott

Jon Scott

Jon Scott was born, raised, and currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Scott fell in love with music at a young age when he started learning to play the piano at 5. At 13, he began playing the guitar and never put it down. In 2012, Scott released his debut e.p. "We'll Play it by Ear" with production by local label owner River Jones. It was during the mixing stage at Lazy Ape Studios in Scottsdale that Jon met producer Daniel Willett, who in 2013 produced his considerably darker and deeper follow up "Late Night Drive." After 5 years, The Los Angeles College of Music Alumni has earned a reputation as one of the valley's most reliable veteran acts.

Orgena Rose



orgena rose

Orgena Rose

Orgena Rose is a powerful and inspirational singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, and vocal coach.

An accomplished professional with a 4 octave range, Orgena has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Hall, and toured internationally.  Highlights include appearing on OPRAH, the Tony Awards, the Today Show,  PBS and  Conan in Tyler Perry’s Row 11.

She has appeared in numerous commercials and movies where her original music is featured. She has sung with artists such as Patti Labelle, Leah Michelle of GLEE, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bunny Sigler and Steve McCarty of the Steve Miller Band. Through Sacred Rose Orgena gives workshops and programs in her mission to heal, empower and transform through the arts. Read More


Daniel Hirtz


daniel hirtz

Daniel Hirtz

Daniel's path has lead him on a wonderful journey that crossed several continents. Originally from Germany, where he lived the first 21 years of his life. After that he moved to Vienna,  Austria where he met the love of his life Ingrid.

You can find out more about this amazing woman at

They now live since 1992 in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona with their 2 children Laila and Pablo (they are adults now).

Daniel loves to make music and is a passionate percussionist. Daniel studied north Indian tabla over the last 30 + years and if youask him he'll say "I still don’t know that much!". Hes also love the djembe,  congas and recently he has become deeply into playing the didgeridoo. Read more.






Dashmesh's unique path has led to study modalities of energetic harmonization such as Jin Shin JytsuQuantum Touch, and various forms of vibrational living. In addition to integrating these healing systems with his innate passion for music he has absorbed wisdom from teachings of the Native American Way, Shamanism, Sufism, Christian Gnosis, Taoism, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Esotericism , and more.

Being only 22 years old, Dashmesh has already collaborated with legendary producers and musicians of international renown such as Bill LaswellSteve Roach, and Byron Metcalf. He finished his first CD in 2008 entitled Fusion which was produced by Intelligent Quantum Solutions. This project sparked the interest of Bill Laswell and was subsequently mixed and played on by Bill. In April of 2010 he released his second project Dream Tracker, with Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf, which has already been met with critical acclaim. It was rec ently featured in a two hour special entitled Dream Tracker on Hearts of Space, which is syndiacted nationally through Nation Public Radio and XM Satellite Radio. Read more.


Gail Phoenix

gail phoenix

Gail Phoenix discovered her grandparents’ antique pump organ at an early age, and loved that their parakeet would sing while she played. Her mother saw her interest and bought her first piano, a beautiful old upright, and she began her piano lessons at age eight. She later studied clarinet and saxophone in school and also dabbled with the acoustic guitar. When her upright piano had to be laid to rest, she found a Yamaha keyboard to experiment with. She began to compose songs, adding in various rhythms to accompany her. Her creative spirit drove her to experiment with a multitude of instruments such as the flute, harmonica, Native American flute and drum, rainstick, African drums, chimes, bells, clay flutes, and even an accordion. She has also studied African drum and dance, and even built her own Ashiko drum. She has played many styles of music from rock, reggae, R & B, jazz, blues, new age, and inspirational songs. She has played with several different bands in the Phoenix area doing vocals, saxophone and keyboards.

Gail is a licensed massage therapist/energy bodyworker and yoga instructor, and has been experimenting in the metaphysical field for over thirty years. She has studied the art of Sound Healing and the profound effects on body, mind, spirit and emotions and recognizes the power of music to inspire and transform.

 The Dream Journey Band is her most recent vision with the intent to “Dream Inspiration and Invite Transformation”.

Linda Bilque

linda bilque

Linda’s songs are timely and heartfelt stories about life. As a young girl with her head against the back seat car window, Linda started writing songs to the rhythm of the wheels against the road. 

The songs came to fruition in Arizona in the early 1970s as Linda honed her song writing skills with an eclectic mix of bands and venues throughout the Southwest. For those not familiar with Linda Bilque; Linda’s voice sounds like a female version of Willie Nelson; and her songs tell stories of regular folks in many ways like Harry Chapin did. 

Mike O'Boyle


Mike O'Boyle

Mike O'Boyle







Renee Morgan Brooks


renee morgan brooks

Renee Morgan Brooks

Renée Morgan Brooks is a voice for empowerment and self-realization! Renée will tell you that she feels blessed and grateful to have a voice and a Presence that touches the heart of so many across so many lines. The truth is that through tours and engagements in Israel, Germany, England, Australia, and New Zealand; along with events and major gatherings across the U.S. Renée has touched the hearts and inspired the minds of thousands. "There is no need for me to speak unless I can leave people better than I found them!"
Leaving people better than they found them is also Renée's criteria for the list of speakers she has opened for. That list includes Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Gary Zukav and Marianne Williamson to name a few. Taking her talents from the stage to the pulpit Renée holds the title of Minister crossing every line of religion, though she has studied them all. She includes the sacred doctrines and manifests from all teachings and leaves out the rest.
Her global teachings have ONE underlying principal: "We are all ONE and it is our Divine responsibility to harness the flow of power within each of us and to realize we have an awesome and majestic responsibility to create life that works for all."


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Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals

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