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Who we are


The FUSION Foundation
local actions with global visions

Statement of Purpose:

The FUSION Foundation serves individuals and organizations who desire to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Mission Statement:

The FUSION Foundation is a 501c3 community engagement model focused on educating, empowering and inspiring local actions with a global vision. Our goal is to transform communities of conflict into communities of collaboration and creativity using the tools of the heart with stories, traditional ceremonies, rituals, and local food, arts & culture - to build bridges matching needs with resources and resources with needs in our communities. EIN#26-3429018 

Council of Trustees
Jackie Wszalek, Chair
Jodi Powers, Secretary
annie loyd, Treasurer
Lynn Rocha, Vice - Chair
annie loyd Founder/ Peace Walker Director

Phoenix Guiding Council
Jodi Powers
Lynn Rocha
Ingrid Hirtz, Your Community Cook
Daniel Hirtz, Breathe For Peace
Tom Stempel, MD
Greg Peterson, Urban Roots
Katherine Metcalf, The Conscious Community
Melanie Dunlap, The Peaceful Spirit Enrichment Center
Council of Advisors
Dorthy Maver, Ph.D.
Eileen Borris, Ph.D.
Joan Koeber-Walker
Linda Bilque - Music Director
Marica Geldert-Murphey, M.S.C.E.
Peggy Verville, LPN, LMT

Jan Rule, Stillpointe Wellness Center

Council of Elders
Avon Matheson
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Fern Stewart Welsh
Gladys T. McGarey, M.D., M.D. (H)
Rebecca Hardcastle, Ph.D.
Johndennis Govert, MBA, Zen Budhhist Roshi Master


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Mail your financial contribution to:

The FUSION Foundation
EIN 26-3429018
PO Box 26002
Phoenix, AZ 85068

623-688-1278 office

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

The FUSION Foundation an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit corporation - EIN 26-3429018



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How to get involved

Jane Seybold greeting guestsWe host several events and have a presence at various philanthropic events through the year and rely heavily on our volunteers to help with activities prior to and following the event. If you'd like to meet more people and become inspired, educated and empowered, we create an environment for you to find your purpose and take action toward fulfilling your dreams of a better world.

To become involved in The Fusion Foundation, or to learn more about what we do in the community, please feel free to email us.