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Restore Arts Instrument Donation BinRestore Arts aims to service the desperate needs of classrooms that lack traditional funding for improving students’ opportunities and experiences with the arts.

Art is the expression of emotion and serves as one of the most meaningful components to any defining human experience. The influence of arts on academic achievement is essential to encouraging student interest and establishing learning as the authentic goal of education.

Through programs focused on the three categories of fine arts (MusicPerforming Arts, and Visual Arts) Restore Arts connects artist entrepreneurs that deserve respect and recognition with the students they have the power to inspire. 

Restore Arts selected as the Arts Integration organization for A.M. Hamilton Elementary School in Phoenix

Thank you!!! BeKind People!Congratulations to Restore Arts to have been selected as the Arts Integration organization for A.M. Hamilton Elementary School in Phoenix. Through this relationship, Restore Arts will bring a variety of after school Arts and Music programs to the students of Hamilton. The "spark" that ignited this amazing opportunity came from a 7th grade student, Brandon Gutierrez, who had a passion to create a "hip-hop" experience with an anti-bullying theme that he could share with his fellow classmates. His energy and the fuel provided by his outstanding principal, Nicole Shamblin, built the fire that we responded to. With the help of Restore Arts partners, The Be Kind People Project and the Arizona Rhythm Connection, both the hip hop class and an introductory percussion class begin next week. The team at Restore Arts reports, “The response from the students and the teachers has been outstanding and we at Restore Arts look forward to providing an amazing experience for the students and growing together as we nurture and enhance this wonderful relationship.”

Restore Arts

RESTORE ARTS MISSION: Inspiring and Enabling Arizona Students' Passion for the Arts through the Gift of Music Education and Recycled Instruments.

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In a time when the quality of education is judged by the strength of student test scores, Restore Arts serves to bring inspiration, passion, and imagination back into classrooms. The increased importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) topics within students’ education has overshadowed the equally important components of passion and imagination. Restore Arts believes that students find passion in their education through the arts, whether they are music, visual arts, creative writing, or dramatic performance. Students in Arizona need and deserve the experience that art in the classroom creates, but fine arts are the most frequently cut and underserved classes when budgets run thin. Art and creative development can both advance academic achievement and improve life experiences in ways that test scores cannot. Restore Arts strives to use the experience of our Founders to create projects and programs that will use the arts to connect communities with classrooms and improve the life experiences of all students and community members involved.


Old Instruments, New Life

With Restore Arts “Old Instruments, New Life” program your well-loved string, brass, percussion or woodwind instruments can find a new home with students and music programs that have been hard hit by budget cuts and program eliminations. Restore Arts refurbishes and repairs used instruments and gives them a new purpose in schools where there otherwise may not be a music program.   

Backstage Class

Restore Arts Backstage Class program is created to give students an opportunity to pull back the curtain and look at the career opportunities created by Music at local venues/events. By giving them a first hand look at the many aspects of producing a musical event, students can visualize themselves as being a part of that production even if they aren’t the artist on stage. 

Arts Education Program

Through the Arts Education Program Restore Arts coordinates, designs and delivers arts-based projects that enrich the academic experience to schools and communities. This Restore Arts program harnesses the extraordinary power of the arts by assisting progressive schools with arts integration, helping students meet core goals for any grade level.

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