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The FUSION Foundation Community Programing is an opportunity for individuals and groups who have visionary ideas and who are not interested in reinventing the wheel or starting a new organization to partner with the FUSION. The FUSION Foundation is committed to serving those who serve at all levels of their current engagement with the community. This can be a perfect opportunity to individuals who are just starting to volunteer, seeking resources, or have a desire to partner with the foundation. Sometimes we can enjoin existing programs or to build upon or expand our programs to encompass the new idea. Partnering and or volunteering with FUSION can be beneficial because it may help you to gain the expertise required to run a particular program or to make connections to local resources. 

The FUSION Foundation proudly serves as a fiscal sponsor and community incubator for some incredible Community Service Organizations and remarkable community programs including:

Joshua Tree Feeding Program

Joshua Tree Feeding Program

In its 25 years of existence the Joshua Tree Feeding Program has been blessed with many individuals who have voluntarily given of themselves in fulfilling the Vision and the Mission that is Joshua Tree. With arms outstretched, the goal of Joshua Tree Feeding Program is to provide nourishment to low-income HIV+ residents of Maricopa and Pinal Counties.

Joshua Tree Feeding Program provides balanced meals from a food pantry that is restocked weekly as well as medical and community resources to encourage self-sustainability of clients in a social, supportive and welcoming environment where privacy, cultural, spiritual and religious values are respected. Joshua Tree Feeding Program is currently the only program in Maricopa and Pinal Counties with this particular mission focus.


  • Grow Organic Kids

    Grow Organic Kids


     To collaboratively seed and sow organic living laboratories and edible education in schools. 


    The Grow Organic Kids dream was born from a passion for delicious, organic food and a vision of a world where all kids have the opportunity to put their hands in the soil, feel a connection to the earth and taste healthy foods right from the ground.

    Contribute to Grow Organic Kids Today!

    Visit Grow Organic Kids website and learn more . . .




  • Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH)
  • Cochise Community FUSION Foundation

    Cochise Community Fusion Foundation is a diverse group of seekers . . . artists, musicians, poets, writers, visionaries, dreamers, singers, storytellers, farmers, gardeners ...  each having found their personal spiritual expressions. 

    Cochise Community Fusion Foundation shares mutual respect for one another and their personal paths, believing in the emerging New Earth. 

    Cochise Community Fusion Foundation wants all to contribute to its birth, both personally and in united endeavors. 

    Most certainly, Cochise Community Fusion Foundation, recognizes the Cochise Stronghold as a living presence in their lives. 

    "As the dome of the Stronghold rises majestically from the mountain, so each of us intuitively recognizes intuitively a call to discover emerging truth and authenticity."

  • Garden of Eatin'
  • Peace Pi

    World Peace Pi FestivalTHE NEW EQUATION FOR PEACE

    The Question we ask: “We know Peace is attainable. How do we make it sustainable?”

    Through the mysterious, rather wonder-filled mathematical equation of Pi, Peace Pi is striving to find a new equation for Peace that we play with for a while. Whereas Pi is a CONSTANT, RANDOM, INFINITE number – the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – so then the matter of creating world peace becomes a CONSTANT pursuit of RANDOM acts of Joy and Goodwill that go on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on&on……(INFINITE) forever. Our experiment – Sustain peace by streaming a CONSTANT, RANDOM INFINITE FLOW of Co-created efforts to lift each other up.

    Peace Pi is setting out to create a CONSTANT flow of Goodwill in the world, through the creation of transformational, cause-oriented festivals and community gatherings – co-created, documented and shared virtually around the world.  Festivals that support and call up causes that are meaningful to us. Events large and small that Peace Pi can point out to the stream of collective Pi’ed Pipers who wish to inspire global compassion for our shared humanity.

  • Cause4PawsAZ

    Cause4PawsAZStatistics show that one in six American families are struggling to make ends meet and now must rely on local food banks as their primary source of food. Unfortunately, these food banks DO NOT have pet food programs in place to help these same families feed their hungry pets. Unemployment in Maricopa County has more than doubled since May 2007, reaching near record highs. Our mission at Cause4Paws Pet Food Bank is to make sure no pets are left behind or surrendered to local ‘kill shelters’ due to a lack of support.

    Many find their only option is to abandon their family pets to the ASPCA or a ‘high-kill shelter. Seniors have to make the choice between much needed medications or pet food for their most loyal companions.

    The United States Food Stamp program prohibits the underprivileged, economically challenged and/or (poor) from using Food Stamps to buy pet food. Billions are spent each year on carbonated beverages using food stamps yet not one penny can be used to feed a pet.

    The following numbers are staggering and will only get worse with time.

    As of July 8, 2013, reported “ The number of Americans receiving subsidized food assistance from the federal government has risen to 101 million, representing roughly a third of the U.S. population”. “The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a total of 101,000,000 people currently participate in at least one of the 15 food programs offered by the agency, at a cost of $114 Billion in fiscal year 2012. The population of the U.S. is 316.2 million people, meaning nearly a third of Americans receive food aid from the government”.Of the 101 million receiving food benefits, a record 47 million Americans participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps”.

    Cause4Paws makes a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. With the efforts donors and volunteers in our local communities Cause4Paws is making a difference. We can save the lives of innocent pets from being surrendered to ‘kill-shelters’ and make it possible for the Elderly to keep their furry friends.

    Cause4Paws approach is simple and realistic: Find the resources to obtain pet food for the needy and make sure those who need it get it.

    Cause4Paws coordinates with local non-profit food banks, rescue shelters, senior centers and homeless shelters. Caws4Paws focus is to provide pet food to those in need by donating pet food to local support organizations that have already identified those in critical need who are pet owners. We want to do for pets what Food Banks do for people.

    Cause4Paws Wish List 

    • Animal food
    • Shared "warehouse spaces" in multiple locations for storage, drop-off and pick-up Example: Dog groomers, rescue shelters, overnight kennels, grocery stores, pet stores, etc.
    • Office space
    • Reliable vehicle for delivery and collection of donated items
    • Volunteers

    To learn more or to get involved today contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


  • Restore Arts

    Restore Arts Instrument Donation BinRestore Arts aims to service the desperate needs of classrooms that lack traditional funding for improving students’ opportunities and experiences with the arts.

    Art is the expression of emotion and serves as one of the most meaningful components to any defining human experience. The influence of arts on academic achievement is essential to encouraging student interest and establishing learning as the authentic goal of education.

    Through programs focused on the three categories of fine arts (MusicPerforming Arts, and Visual Arts) Restore Arts connects artist entrepreneurs that deserve respect and recognition with the students they have the power to inspire. 

  • PALS Charities - Pet and Animal Lovers Service

    To aid and assist Arizona animal based non-profit organizations in their business endeavors and individuals facing difficult end of life circumstances for their pets.

    Help the general public less fortunate take care of their pets after passing in the best way possible that offers closure and possibly some memorialization. 

    All support comes from volunteers and staff in house at PALS - Pet and Animal Lovers Service.

    There is always a need to help with the pet overpopulation of the valley - we are partnering with these great local animal welfare based non-profits to see that they get all the help they can to continue to better make a community impact. We also better the experience of those less fortunate who cannot take care of their pets after death.

  • HEAL International

    The work of HEAL International is based on the principle that every human life has equal value, irrespective of socioeconomic status. Adults and children living in areas that lack essential health services bear a disproportionate burden of disease and health complications and have been shown to have a shorter life expectancy than people living in communities that have access to basic health services and health education. Moreover, medical infrastructure and economics are intimately linked. Poor health conditions and infrastructure in resource-limited communities can have a dramatic effect on local economies.

  • Buffalo Gals
    Buffalo Gals is on a mission to connect you with Gutsy Gals with Grit and Grace!
    Buffalo Gals Purpose
    Creating communities where women fortify connections and cultivate change to make the world a better place for all.
    Buffalo Gals Vision
    Illuminating the world we dream of for our daughters and sons. 
    A place where they can realize their dreams, envision solutions and be proud of our shared legacy.
    Buffalo Gals Mission
    Pushing one another onward, tirelessly pressing forward together to make a sustained difference.
    Touching the lives of men, women, elders and future generations, inspiring hope and cultivating success.
    Buffalo Gals Value Statement
    We honor our stories, fortify our connections, and champion our goals. 
    Want to be interactive with other Buffalo Gals?
    Check out Buffalo Gals facebook group!
  • Blue Flame Abbey

    Blue Flame Abbey is a Journey to Our Inner Space - Enlightened Mosaic.

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Horses Help

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Jane Seybold greeting guestsWe host several events and have a presence at various philanthropic events through the year and rely heavily on our volunteers to help with activities prior to and following the event. If you'd like to meet more people and become inspired, educated and empowered, we create an environment for you to find your purpose and take action toward fulfilling your dreams of a better world.

To become involved in The Fusion Foundation, or to learn more about what we do in the community, please feel free to email us.