Secondary Co-Creational Communities

Secondary Communities

The communities listed above are primary in that they are useful everywhere in the larger society. Defined economically, they can be supported serving a smaller, more local population. Some communities will be more specialized and hence their talents, skills and abilities are only required occasionally in the general society. They in effect are serving a larger population. Secondary communities may serve inside or outside the network of communities and may include:

Community builders: planning, constructing, and launching new community ventures from the conceptual to practical manifestation. These can also help engineer and launch innovative organizations for a range of positive social purposes.

Inventors and Innovators: developing new technology and improved processes to seed manufacturing, to create new types of material & scientific solutions, and to launch new businesses and new venture partnerships that introduce the next best idea, process or product.

Spiritual Practice Centers: providing retreats, longer term instruction and a supportive practice environment for focused self-cultivation in one or several mystical traditions. Helps recover, re-animate and re-inspire the ancient sacred commitments as a way of harmonious living through practice, ritual, play and learning.

Entertainment: places hosting larger scale events and celebrations including music, performances, workshops, conferences, etc.