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FUSION Fiscal Sponsored Programs

The FUSION Foundation is proud to be the Fiscal Sponsor of many community programs. Fiscal sponsors are nonprofits that advance the public benefit by facilitating the development and growth of charitable, mission-driven activities. 

Fiscal sponsorship has evolved as an effective and efficient mode of starting new nonprofits, seeding social movements, and delivering public services. Fiscal sponsorship generally entails a nonprofit organization (the “fiscal sponsor”) agreeing to provide administrative services and oversight to, and assume some or all of the legal and financial responsibility for, the activities of groups or individuals engaged in work that relates to the fiscal sponsor’s mission.

Fiscal sponsors are tax-exempt, charitable ventures that, according to a recent IRS report "have the ability to receive charitable contributions for specific projects, the infrastructure to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws and adequate internal controls to ensure that the funds will be used for the intended charitable purposes." Simply stated, fiscal sponsors place responsibility for implementing programs in the hands of project leaders while ensuring appropriate fiduciary oversight. 1

1 - National Network of Fiscal Sponsors


Grow Organic Kids

Grow Organic Kids


 To collaboratively seed and sow organic living laboratories and edible education in schools. 


The Grow Organic Kids dream was born from a passion for delicious, organic food and a vision of a world where all kids have the opportunity to put their hands in the soil, feel a connection to the earth and taste healthy foods right from the ground.

Contribute to Grow Organic Kids Today!

Visit Grow Organic Kids website and learn more . . .




Cochise Community Fusion Foundation

Cochise Community Fusion Foundation is a diverse group of seekers . . . artists, musicians, poets, writers, visionaries, dreamers, singers, storytellers, farmers, gardeners ...  each having found their personal spiritual expressions. 

Cochise Community Fusion Foundation shares mutual respect for one another and their personal paths, believing in the emerging New Earth. 

Cochise Community Fusion Foundation wants all to contribute to its birth, both personally and in united endeavors. 

Most certainly, Cochise Community Fusion Foundation, recognizes the Cochise Stronghold as a living presence in their lives. 

"As the dome of the Stronghold rises majestically from the mountain, so each of us intuitively recognizes intuitively a call to discover emerging truth and authenticity."

Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals is on a mission to connect you with Gutsy Gals with Grit and Grace!Buffalo Gals-logo
Buffalo Gals Purpose
Creating communities where women fortify connections and cultivate change to make the world a better place for all.
Buffalo Gals Vision
Illuminating the world we dream of for our daughters and sons. 
A place where they can realize their dreams, envision solutions and be proud of our shared legacy.
Buffalo Gals Mission
Pushing one another onward, tirelessly pressing forward together to make a sustained difference.
Touching the lives of men, women, elders and future generations, inspiring hope and cultivating success.
Buffalo Gals Value Statement
We honor our stories, fortify our connections, and champion our goals. 
Want to be interactive with other Buffalo Gals?
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HEAL International

The work of HEAL International is based on the principle that every human life has equal value, irrespective of socioeconomic status. Adults and children living in areas that lack essential health services bear a disproportionate burden of disease and health complications and have been shown to have a shorter life expectancy than people living in communities that have access to basic health services and health education. Moreover, medical infrastructure and economics are intimately linked. Poor health conditions and infrastructure in resource-limited communities can have a dramatic effect on local economies.

Restore Arts

Restore Arts aims to service the desperate needs of classrooms that lack traditional funding for improving students’ opportunities and experiences with the arts.

Art is the expression of emotion and serves as one of the most meaningful components to any defining human experience. The influence of arts on academic achievement is essential to encouraging student interest and establishing learning as the authentic goal of education.

Through programs focused on the three categories of fine arts (MusicPerforming Arts, and Visual Arts) Restore Arts connects artist entrepreneurs that deserve respect and recognition with the students they have the power to inspire. 

PeacePi Foundation Donate Today

PeacePi FoundationPeacePi Foundation is a multi-sensory cultural experience and community outreach program of The Fusion FoundationThe Fusion Foundation connects people! The Fusion Foundation is a community engagement organization focused on educating, empowering and inspiring local actions with a global vision. Our goal is to transform communities of conflict into communities of collaboration and creativity by matching needs with resources and resources with needs in our communities.



Cause4Paws Donate today!

Cause4Paws distributes pet food (dog and cat, sometimes birds) to four-legged and feathered friends in need of a bit of love and support. Cause4Paws works with local service agencies such as meals on wheels, local food banks and community social workers to meet a "gap need." 

It is fully recognized that companion pets are an integral part of an individuals overall health and happiness. Cause4Paws is dedicated to supporting the deep life-giving relationships of human beings and their companion pets. 

Cause4Paws also works with local veterinarians to meet the health and well-being needs of the companion animals.

Make your donation today.


Thank you for your support.

Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH)

Donate to Phoenix Allies for Community Health (PACH)

It's time to build a free clinic downtown Phoenix.Phoenix Allies for Community Health PACH

A clinic that actively seeks the guidance and leadership of most affected communities.
A clinic that isn’t afraid to talk about the socio-political causes of health disparities.
A clinic that understands that community health and community empowerment always go hand in hand.

The Phoenix Community Clinic.

The Phoenix CommUnity Clinic is more than just a free version of America’s broken healthcare structure.

We seek to enter into collaborative relationships with the community we serve.

We seek to provide socially conscious care that integrates the best practices of holistic traditions and modern bio-medicine: from acupuncture to dietary education, wellness checks to prescriptions, public advocacy to community gardens… our neighbors deserve nothing less.

This is, of course, an enormous undertaking. We’ll need neighborhood input, donations, and volunteers of all types.
We can't do this without you.

Join us; together we can build the kind of clinic that we and our neighbors deserve.


Buffalo Gals

Buffalo Gals

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Jane Seybold greeting guestsWe host several events and have a presence at various philanthropic events through the year and rely heavily on our volunteers to help with activities prior to and following the event. If you'd like to meet more people and become inspired, educated and empowered, we create an environment for you to find your purpose and take action toward fulfilling your dreams of a better world.

To become involved in The Fusion Foundation, or to learn more about what we do in the community, please feel free to email us.