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As we have been exploring who, where, when, why, how and what comprises a great society, we have encountered some incredible wisdom. Wisdom - as we define it is one who has integrated knowledge and experience and sees the importance of sharing it with many! One who is committed to bringing light into the shadow of darkness and exposing unlimited possibilities! 

This wisdom can be conveyed through the process an organization delivers particular services or accomplishes their purpose or through an individual. 

We offer this as insight about about journey of discovery and for transparency for those who wish to take the responsibility to learn more on thief journey of discovery. 

Remember your journey belongs to you so the folks and the organizations we learned from may or may not be a fantastic fit for you. This is a journey of self-discovery, shedding the binds of former constructs and exploring what can be.

Do you have a recommendation of someone - send us an email and let us know!

  • Arts & Culture
    Our primary tool of communicating messages. The what we communicate. Creative expression, sports, ethnicity and the diversity of human societies. Making the connections of our commonality within our diversity.
  • Communications & Media
    The Internet, television, radio, books, magazines, music, satellites, PDAs, social networking, etc: how (and what) we communicate across town and around the world.
  • Environment, Infrastructure & Transportation

    Natural ecosystems, human habitats, and the innate interplay of these core aspects of human-earth existence.

  • Spirit | Global Consciousness | Earth Culture

    The many facets of our metaphysical and divine experience as human beings in a living cosmos.

  • Health & Wellness

    From the leading edge of Western medicine to the ancient wisdom of indigenous healing practices, contributing to the fulfillment of a healthy, balanced mind-body-spirit relationship ~ our Living Medicine.

  • Community Development | Relationships & Empowerment

    Families, couples, children and youth, counseling and coaching for healthy communication and clear direction and opportunities in one's life. Our community service organizations making connections for a sustainable future.

    Community development is a set of practices and methods that focus on harnessing the innate abilities and potential that exist in all human communities to become active agents in their own development and to organize themselves to address key issues and concerns that they share.

    Community development workers may be members of the community, paid workers or volunteers. They work with and alongside people in the community to identify concerns and opportunities, and develop the confidence and energy to respond together. The building of community and social capital is both a core part of the process and an outcome, and in this way there is an extension of cooperative attitudes and practices that are built through community development that can increase community resilience over time.

  • Energy, Food & Water | Sustainability

    Attending to the basic life-support needs of humanity and the resources of the Earth.

  • Economics, Business & Finance

    Trade, commerce, and the exchange of goods and services within and among cultures and as a global community.

  • Science & Technology

    Understanding the workings of nature and applying this knowledge in developing innovations that improve the life-conditions of humanity.

  • Governance, Law & Administration

    Policies and legal structures that guide the pursuit of humanity's quest towards equitable social evolution.

  • Social Justice & Security

    Human rights; peacekeeping, peacemaking and peacebuilding; appropriate defense; emergency relief: bringing balance and safety to society.

  • Learning & Education

    From pre-school to graduate school, and beyond to life-long learning.

  • Whole System

    This is where the synthesis of all sectors comes into an integral, comprehensive wholeness. It is included as the "one" in the center since the purpose of the Synergy Center is to engender social synergy "synergistic transformation" by maximizing the interrelatedness of all of the parts into a new level of whole system design. Organizations and individuals that are working within an integral viewpoint are identified and their projects and services posted in this category.

  • Education | Lifelong Learning
  • Relationships & Empowerment

    Families, couples, children and youth, counseling and coaching for healthy communication and clear direction and opportunities in one's life. Our community service organizations making connections for a sustainable future.

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Jane Seybold greeting guestsWe host several events and have a presence at various philanthropic events through the year and rely heavily on our volunteers to help with activities prior to and following the event. If you'd like to meet more people and become inspired, educated and empowered, we create an environment for you to find your purpose and take action toward fulfilling your dreams of a better world.

To become involved in The Fusion Foundation, or to learn more about what we do in the community, please feel free to email us.